Who Else Has a Wonderful, Understanding Wife...?

By my count I have owned 35 cars in my adult lifetime (sadly I am not a dealer). My purchases have usually been used as a 3rd car, for weekends and such. I am not a wealthy man by any means, but my wife, my partner, my buddy, my love, has allowed me to pursue my dreams of owning cars that I like. Now, I have never owned more than 3 at a time, (2 DDs and a "hobby" car) so I have only kept my "hobby" cars for short periods of time. Don't ask me why, as I wish I had kept a couple of them (1990 E30 M3, 1988 Saleen Mustang with Paxton blower, 2006 Mini JCW, 1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone) but a purchase would always entail a sale, for the cash, you know. My cars have never been the #10 quality cars you might see at a car show, but nice solid drivers. All could easily have been DDs. I could never afford the "nice" ones. Looking back it has been fun and interesting, the worst purchase being a 1972 Boss 302 from a well-known dealer of classic cars that was a money pit. After buying it I found out it didn't have Boss 302 heads, which I found, purchased, and replaced. But the car never did run properly and I sold it for a $5k loss. One of the best cars was a 2003 BMW E39 530i. Solid, no serious issues. But that E30 M3...I keep thinking of that...Anyway, now I support my wife's quilting passion and read sites such as these to feed my love of cool cars. Oh, and I'm buying lottery tickets. It's only a matter of time...


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